Training and Workshop

Training and Workshops

Capacity building workshop for smallholder vegetable growers on "Sustainable Agri-Marketing through Collective Action"

Training of Panchayat Sabhapatis with Dept of Panchayat and Rural Development West Bengal

SPARC sponsored workshop on Digital Platform for Rural Women Empowerment


Short term Cources

Short Term Courses and Webinars

Short-Term courses on "Financial and Social Inclusion", conducted jointly by CRDIST, IIT Kharagpur and University of Waikato, New Zealand

Online Webinar on 'Integrated Surface-Groundwater Management for Sustainable Development'


Conferences and seminars

Conferences/ Seminars

International Conference on Agricultural (AgriCo) 2023 at Bali, Indonesia by Prof. P. K. Singh

97th Annual Conference of The Agricultural Economics Society, at University of Warwick, UK by Prof. P. K. Singh

Participation of Prof. P. K. Sing as a track chair at the International Conference on Public Policy and Management (ICPPM 2023), Patna

International Conference on Sustainable Technology and Development


PhD Seminars

PhD Seminars

PhD Defense seminar by Shiladitya Dey

PhD Synopsis seminar by Shiladitya Dey

PhD Defense seminar by Anirban Nandi

PhD Synopsis seminar by Anirban Nandi


Digital Platform for SHG

Digital Platform for SHG/Farmers

Role of a digital platform for rural SHG or Farmers by Aluri Harikrishna


Farmers interections

Field Visit and Famer interaction