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[1] Estimating Farmers’ Intention towards Institutional Credit Adoption by Using Extended Theory of Planned Behavior by Dey, S. and Singh, P.K. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Ahead-of-print (2022). [IF - 2.654 (2022); ABDC - B]

[2] Determination of Factors Affecting the Adoption of Integrated Farming System in Dryland Areas of Southern India by Using Supervised Learning Techniques by Kandasamy S. U. L., Singh P. K., Swain D.K., Journal of Asian and African Studies, Ahead-of-print (2022). [IF - 0.882 (2022)]

[3] Determinants of Institutional Agricultural Credit Access and its Linkage with Farmer Satisfaction in India: A Moderated-Mediation Analysis by Dey S., Singh P. K., and Mhaskar M. D., Agricultural Finance Review, Ahead-of-print (2022). [IF - 1.765 (2022); ABDC - C ]

[4] Climate change vulnerability assessment of dryland farmers and factors Identification using machine learning techniques by Kandasamy S. U. L., Singh P. K., Swain D.K. Local Environment 27(7), 824-846 (2022). [IF - 2.496 (2022)]

[5] Do socially motivated Self-Help Groups perform better? Exploring determinants of micro-credit groups' performance in eastern India by Pal A., Singh P. K. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics 92, 119–146 (2021). [IF - 1.905 (2022); ABDC - B]

[6] Systematic Review and Meta-regression Analysis of Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Production Systems by Nandi A., Singh P. K., Singh A. K. Global Business Review 22(2), 396-421 (2021).  [IF - 1.725 (2022); ABDC - C]

[7] Application of fuzzy DEA and machine learning algorithms in efficiency estimation of paddy producers of rural Eastern India by Nandy, A. and Singh, P.K., Benchmarking: An International Journal 28(1), 229-248 (2021). [IF - 5.88 (2021); ABDC - B]

[8] Farm efficiency estimation using a hybrid approach of machine-learning and data envelopment analysis: Evidence from rural eastern India by Nandi A., Singh P. K., Journal of Cleaner Production 267 122106 (2020). [IF - 11.072 (2022); ABDC - A]

[9] Profit efficiency and determinants of Indian banks; A truncated bootstrap and data envelopment analysis by Singh, P. K., & Thaker, K., Cogent Economics & Finance, 8(1) 1724242 (2020).  [IF - 1.89 (2021); ABDC - B]

[10] Analysis of Stock Indices and Their Impact on Market Index by Singh P. K., Thaker K. Finance India VOL.XXX 943-960 (2016) [SJIF - 8.257 (2021); ABDC - C].

[11] Dynamics of Scale Efficiency of Indian Banks: A deterministic frontier approach by Singh P. K., Thaker K. The Journal of Developing Areas 50 437-457 (2016) [ABDC - B]. http://10.1353/jda.2016.0113

Book Chapter / Section

[1] Role of Circular Economy in Achieving Sustainable Growth in Agriculture and Food Sector by Dey S., Pal A., Nandi A., Baishnab K., Singh P. K., Handbook of Sustainability Science in the Future, Springer, Cham. (2022).

[2] Digital Transformation in Microfinance as a Driver for Sustainable Development by Pal A., Dey S., Nandy A., Shahin S., Singh P. K., Handbook of Sustainability Science in the Future, Springer, Cham. (2022).

[3] Energy and Environmental Security in Developing Countries by Pal A., Nandy A., Dey S., Singh P. K., Optimising Energy Use Efficiency for Agricultural Sustainability 609-632 (2021).

[4] Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems Design and Systems Perspectives by Bhushan S., Singh P. K., Telidevara S., Kumar S. Understanding Livelihood Diversification: A Case Study of Mushroom Farming in Bihar 153-167 (2019).

Academic Networking


[1] Development of Mobile Application for Empowerment of the Rural Self-Help Groups by Aluri, H., Pal, A. and Singh, P.K. IEEE HONET (Dec 2022, USA).

[2] Application of Matching Approach in Impact Evaluation of Institutional Credit Access on Technology Adaptation and Land Utilization across Paddy Growers in Eastern India by Dey, S., Singh, P.K. The 17th East Asian Economic Association International Convention (Aug 2022, Malaysia).

[3] Energy efficiency evaluation for sustainable paddy production in eastern India: Insights from integrated DEA and XGBOOST machine learning algorithm by Nandy A., Singh P. K. International Conference on Sustainable Technology and Development (Oct-Nov 2021, China), Elsevier.

[4] An Integrative Approach to Determine the Credit Constraints and Role of Social Networking in Farmers’ Credit Access from Different Financial Institutions by Dey S., Singh P. K. World Finance Conference (Aug 2021, Norway)

[5] Adaptation to Climate Change and Its Impact on Smallholders’ Income and Welfare: Estimation Using Matching Approach by Dey S., Singh P. K. Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Conference (Dec 2020, India)

[6] Accessing the Factors Affecting the Climate Change Vulnerability in Dryland Farming by Lakshmi K S., Singh P. K., Swain D. K. International Conference on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerabilities, and Adaptation: Emphasis on India and Neighbourhood (June 2019, India)

[7] Profit Efficiency and Determinants of Indian Banks; A Truncated Bootstrap & Data Envelopment Analysis by Singh P. K., Thaker K. 26th Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society (Jun-Jul 2019, Israel)

[8] An empirical investigation of prospects and challenges in smallholder finance in India by Singh P. K., A. N. Sustainability of Smallholder Agriculture in Developing Countries under Changing Climatic Scenario (Feb 2018, India)


[1] Understanding Livelihood Diversification: A Case of Mushroom Farming in Bihar by Bhushan S., Singh P. K., Telidevara S. , S. K. Symposium on Transition Strategies for Sustainable Community Systems: Design & Systems Perspectives 127-140 (2017)