Anirban Nandy Area of Research: Resource Efficiency Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Rural Development Centre, IIT Kharagpur Mail to:

Present Position: Jt. Director (Live Life Happily Org.)
Email/ Contact Number: 85097-10979
Roll Number_IIT Kgp: 16RD92R01

"The mentorship provided by ARF Lab during my PhD and beyond, over the past 6 years greatly enhanced my capabilities and skill set. The lab has brought about a substantial change in my entrepreneurial cum academic journey. The training provided by ARF lab has given me a new outlook on how to enhance business operations and take failure. I found it difficult to lead and manage even a small team before I started working with the Lab. But because of the time we spent discussing team-building best practices, I now feel capable of co-managing a full organization."


Present Position: Extension Officer(Agriculture)
Email/ Contact Number: 97040-22483
Roll Number_IIT Kgp: 19AG66R05

"ARF lab takes a unique approach when conducting studies which assures effectiveness in research work. . New ideas and comments are added to make the learning process more efficient for its members. My experience with the mentors at ARF lab has been extremely inspirational. Their approach promotes confidence and self-motivation while never being tedious. Their cooperation and amicable approach create a liberating environment in which voicing opinions and doubts is encouraged and there is no fear of disagreeing."